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Office of Economic Engagement

Nitek Startup Acquired by Seoul Semiconductor

Seoul Semiconductor Company (SSC) is a global leader in the field of LED devices and is poised to become a top three manufacturer in the field.

How We Helped

Licensing USC Technology
Nitek is a USC startup founded by Dr. Asif Khan and is the licensee of USC-owned UV LED and semiconductor technologies invented by Dr. Khan.

Amending Licensing Agreements
In September, 2013, USC and Nitek signed an Amended License Agreement, paving the way for Nitek to be acquired by SSC. 

Expected Outcomes

The partnership is expected to yield continuing royalties to USC.

Research Funding
SSC is sponsoring $540,000 for research in Dr. Khan's laboratory over the next three years. 

Possible Economic Growth
SSC has expressed interested in locating manufacturing facilities in South Carolina.


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