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Office of Economic Engagement

License Technology

Through licensing, you gain access to cutting-edge intellectual property. We offer several different pathways, depending on your needs and capabilities.

Explore Licensing Options

We help our industry partners license intellectual property through patents, trademarks and copyrights. This access to leading research gives our industry partners competitive advantages in the marketplace.

License Agreement

Who It's For
Larger, more established companies and those ready to commit to a license after their option agreement ends.

What It Does
We grant licenses on foreign and domestic rights patents and copyrights that generally extend for the life of the last-to-expire IP rights. We work with our partners to create a license that is mutually beneficial and open to both exclusive and non-exclusive opportunities. This is also available for country-specific or worldwide rights of use.

Option Agreement

Who It's For
Anyone interested in testing a technology before committing to a license agreement.

What It Does
An option agreement provides six months of access to patent rights for a nominal fee, allowing you as an industry partner to assess the technology and test it before committing to a license agreement.

Research License Agreement

Who It's For
Those with noncommercial research.

What It Does
A research license agreement grants partners access to research without any rights to make, sell or use license processes for commercial purpose or in lieu of purchase as a commercial product.

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