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UofSC student at Thomas Cooper Library

Where to study, take a break during finals

November 24, 2014, Whitney Smith

Thomas Cooper can become hectic when finals time begins. There are tons of alternatives, both on and off campus, where you can study without fighting the crowds. Need a break? There are also a number of ways that you can take your mind off the stress without spending too much money or time

Jarvia Meggett

Five Questions with Jarvia Meggett: Homecoming Step Show and Stroll Off director

October 08, 2014, Whitney Smith

The community, students, faculty and staff are invited to the annual step show competition between NPHC fraternities and sororities at UofSC. New to the Homecoming events this year, stroll off will be held in the Russell House where students can watch organizations compete. Meet Jarvia Meggett, the student behind-the-scenes who ensures that these events run smoothly for UofSC to enjoy.

Margaret Kramer

Mental health matters

October 03, 2014, Whitney Smith

In 2012 more than 80 percent of college students felt overwhelmed by all they had to do. But, the stigma associated with mental illness is preventing many of them from seeking help. Senior Margaret Kramer is working to change that.

Five questions with a career counselor

September 11, 2014, Whitney Smith

Need advice on your resume? Not sure how to prepare for Career Fest or the S.E.T Job Fair? Assistant Director for Career Development Mark Anthony has the answers to five questions that will help you prepare for your future.