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Julie Hubbert, UofSC School of Music professor.

Hollywood bound!

May 12, 2016, Glenn Hare

Julie Hubbert is a film buff, and this summer she's headed to Hollywood. But not to stalk the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio or Jennifer Lawrence. A recipient of a National Endowment of Humanities Summer Stipend and a music historian in the School of Music, Hubbert will busy her days in Tinsel Town combing the documents of legendary filmmakers from the New Hollywood era, also dubbed the American New Wave.

Valencia Callens

The making of an opera diva

March 31, 2016, Glenn Hare

Influenced by the likes of opera stars Leontyne Price and Kathleen Battle, USC music student Valencia Callens has high standards. But the master of music in theatre performance is undaunted by the challenge. Callens will showcase what’s she’s learned at Carolina this weekend when performs in “Speed Dating Tonight!” presented by Opera at USC in the School of Music recital hall.

Anita Singleton-Prather

Sacred music and Gullah culture showcased this weekend

February 22, 2016, Glenn Hare

Noted Gullah storyteller and singer Anita Singleton-Prather, along with the Gullah Kinfolk, will share stories and songs at “Shared Traditions: Sacred Music in the South,” a two-day symposium featuring shape-note singing, African-American spirituals and other music traditions unique to the South. The symposium starts with a meet-and-greet with Singleton-Prather at 3:30 p.m. Friday (Feb. 26) in the McKissick Museum on the historic Horseshoe.

helping paw

Man's best friend helps those in need

February 10, 2016, Glenn Hare

Fred is the ideal companion. He’s always eager to help out. He’s entertaining and he’s great with people. Fred and his human partner Becky Sullivan are featured in “A Helping Paw, ” a short film directed and edited by University of South Carolina media arts student Faith Cox. The documentary is the inaugural winner of the Walt Hanclosky Social Issue Production Award for Media Arts in the School of Visual Art and Design.

McCloud troop


January 04, 2016, Glenn Hare

Somewhere in the city, a courageous band of supercharged do-gooders is on a mission: to promote storytelling and put an end to its arch nemesis, illiteracy. Story Squad is the brainchild of media arts alumnus Darion McCloud ('88), aka the Captain.

Sean Heely

It's all about expression

November 04, 2015, Glenn Hare

Sean Heely transferred to UofSC’s School of Music to continue his violin training under William Terwilliger and to refine his playing of classical composers. He has found that, but also discovered a world of opportunities. “The musical progress I’ve made in classical and my new ventures in bluegrass and Gypsy jazz couldn’t have happened elsewhere,” he says.

theatre 99

Funny on the fly

September 23, 2015, Glenn Hare

For 20 years, Theatre 99 has been the epicenter of improvisational theatre in Charleston, attracting a cross-section of the city looking for something “edgy” to do on date night. The attic-turned-bare-bones theater above a Meeting Street bicycle shop is also where you’ll find Greg Tavares and Brandy Sullivan, both 1991 University of South Carolina theater graduates, making people laugh three nights a week.

rebecca nagel

Art is power

September 20, 2015, Glenn Hare

There are no music stands in Rooms 106 at the School of Music. There’s no podium either. What you will find are spaces for brainstorming and planning — whiteboards and corkboards, flip charts and Post-it notes, books on finance and leadership. And just in case there’s a need play out those ideas, the room has a seven-foot Baldwin piano.

Boyd Saunders

Boyd Saunders: A man of many talents

August 20, 2015, Glenn Hare

The McMaster Gallery is exhibiting "Return of the Wanderer." The exhibit features 30 works of art by UofSC emeritus professor Boyd Saunders. The exhibition is on view through Oct 9, and includes lithographs, paintings, etchings, sculptures and drawings.Description

Spinning negatives into positives

August 11, 2015, Glenn Hare

Sherard Duvall, '01, is a local hip-hop advocate and a founder of Hip-Hop Family Day. He will join other music advocates to discuss the vitality of home-grown music in our state at Folkfabulous 2015 this Saturday on the historic Horseshoe.

Paul Williams

Piano Man: Keeping the music in tune

July 21, 2015, Glenn Hare

During his 25-year career as a registered piano technician, Paul Williams has tuned, voiced and repaired the School of Music's 120 pianos. He has worked on instruments used in ensembles featuring the likes of Itzhak Perlman, Yo Yo Ma and Winton Marsalis.


Preventing relapse

May 27, 2015, Glenn Hare

UofS nursing professor Karen McDonnell is developing programs to help lung cancer patients and their families to stop smoking and stay smoke free. Description

String Project

Generation to generation

April 02, 2015, Glenn Hare

When Amelia Hare, an 11 year-old String Project violinist, practices at home she has help in the next room. Her mother, Michelle Martin, a UofSC professor, was a String Project student herself more than 35 years ago.Description

Donald Portnoy

5 questions for the maestro

March 18, 2015, Glenn Hare

Maestro Donald Portnoy answers a few questions about his conducting career. Portnoy is a 2015 Elizabeth O'Niell Verner Award recipient.

Julia Bennett

The final frontier

February 11, 2015, Glenn Hare

UofSC marine science student Julia Bennett is the winner of the 2015 Photography Review Show. Her photographs are on view at the Columbia Museum of Art on Main Street.

Beyond the drum

February 09, 2015, Glenn Hare

UofSC percussionist Greg Stuarts expands the boundaries of the traditional drum repertoire by exploring the realms of experimental music with longtime collaborator composer Michael Pisaro.

Creativity has no bounds

January 23, 2015, Glenn Hare

Vera DuBose will pursue unconventional solutions to solve her costuming challenges even if that means spending time in a local hardware stores.

Joseph Young

Young maestro

January 05, 2015, Glenn Hare

“The University of South Carolina was a proving ground for me,” says Joseph Young, the recently appointed assistant conductor of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. “I was tested in every aspect of my education. From playing in the marching the band, trying my hand at composing and singing in the choir to performing in the wind ensembles and student teaching, the university was critical in my development.”

Laura Kissel

UofSC professor films the "Cotton Road"

December 11, 2014, Glenn Hare

Media arts professor Laura Kissel is the director and producer of "Cotton Road" a new documentary film that follows the journey of American grown cotton to textile manufacturing plants in China and the return trip of dresses, pants and underwear that end up in retail outlets across the United States.

Abdel Bayoumi

As a Gamecock, my ingenuity has No Limits

October 24, 2014, Glenn Hare

University of South Carolina research professor Abdel Bayoumi is on the forefront of military safety. His team of engineers and computer scientists conduct advanced diagnostic studies on some of the military’s most sophisticated helicopters. Their work reduces costs, ensures top performance, improves moral and, most importantly, saves lives.

Amanda Fairchild in pointe shoes

En Pointe

September 22, 2014, Glenn Hare

UofSC quantitative psychologist Amanda Fairchild took on a feat that most 30-somethings wouldn’t consider, taking ballet lessons and dancing en pointe for the first time.

Rose Booze

Childhood memories encourage search for cure

August 15, 2014, Glenn Hare

University of South Carolina neuroscientist Rose Booze grew up on a sheep farm, working beside her father, who years later would be diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Memories of her childhood encourage her today. With support from the National Institutes of Health, Rose and her team are driven to discover the root causes of this devastating illness and remain hopeful that a cure is within reach

Shelbretta Ball

As a Gamecock, my resilience has No Limits

July 14, 2014, Glenn Hare

Basketball has been a part of Shelbretta “Brett” Ball’s life since she was five. But even before she scored any points for the Gamecocks, a medical condition put her on the bench. However Brett’s never-give-up fortitude and the support of Carolina kept her in the game. “Ballin’ with Brett,” her successful video blog, is her way of assisting her teammates. It’s no mystery how she stays on top of her game. Brett lives by the motto, “Don’t let your situation determine your destination.”

Wilyem Cain

As a Gamecock, my commitment has No Limits

July 09, 2014, Glenn Hare

After his great-grandmother death, Wilyem Cain was angry and negative. But that all changed after he started volunteering at the local Boys and Girls Club. The University of South Carolina political science major found his calling and is serving as a role model to area kids. Now Cain is planning a future committed to children’s advocacy and public service so that he can catch them if they fall.

Susan Zhang

A summer to remember

June 12, 2014, Glenn Hare

Susan Zhang, a UofSC School of Music graduate, performs as part of the 12th Annual Southeastern Piano Festival that starts this Sunday, June 15, and continues next week at various locations in Columbia.

Toriah Caldwell

Caring has no limits

May 14, 2014, Glenn Hare

Life can be hard in Columbia’s poorest neighborhoods. But Toriah Caldwell and her colleagues at the USC’s Children and Family Healthcare Center, a nurse-run medical practice, haven’t left. The center serves as an important alternative to emergency room care and is the medical home for many in the surrounding neighborhood.

Kathleen Robbins

As a Gamecock, my focus has No Limits

May 01, 2014, Glenn Hare

Kathleen Robbins, professor of photography, is documenting changes taking place in the Mississippi Delta. Once the Land of Cotton, the fluffy boils are being replaced by corn and soybean and the lifestyle associated with the former “king” crop.Description

Mark Cox

As a Gamecock, my strength has No Limits.

April 25, 2014, Glenn Hare

The severe headache, the numbness in his side and the loss of balance were the start of Mark Cox’s toughest battle. But the former military officer faced the challenge with the support of loved ones and the expertise of Julius Fridriksson, a leading stroke rehabilitation researcher.

Justin Dunham

As a Gamecock, my determination has No Limits

April 10, 2014, Glenn Hare

Justin Dunham is always moving. This University of South Carolina grad is a former high school athlete who’s conditioned to make quick turns, think on his feet and motivate. His determination permeates his earth science classroom and his students.

Pearl Fryar

Topiary artist honors past, shapes future

April 08, 2014, Glenn Hare

Topiary artist Pearl Fryar has cultivated three young junipers to represent the three students who desegregated the University of South Carolina 50 years ago. The son of a North Carolina sharecropper, Fryar knows what it means to seek a better life. “If you had told me 50 years ago that one day I would be asked to do this sculpture, I would have thought I’d lost my mind. This is huge and shows how far we’ve come.”

School of Music Wind Ensemble

Wind Ensemble considered for Grammy nod

December 06, 2013, Glenn Hare

The School of Music's Wind Ensemble was considered for a Grammy nomination for its recording “Bernstein Transcriptions for Wind Band.” The album recorded at the Koger Center for the Arts was being considered for Best Orchestra Performance.

Larry Bennett

Building a better future

November 26, 2013, Glenn Hare

For months Larry Bennett was nervous. A heavy equipment operator, Bennett took matters into his own hands and entered a bachelor’s program at USC Lancaster. With the help of knowledgeable advisers and professors, his wife and family, and the flexibility of USC’s Palmetto College, he is on the fast track toward graduation, a new career and a better future.


Koger Center show continues desegregation commemoration

November 04, 2013, Glenn Hare

“Revelation,” one of Alvin Ailey’s signature dances, will be performed at the Koger Center by the Ailey II dance company. The performance is part of the USC’s yearlong commemoration of the 50th anniversary of desegregation at Carolina.

Josh Eagle

As a Gamecock, my pursuit has No Limits

August 30, 2013, Glenn Hare

Spanish moss, pinching blue crabs and resort villages distinguish Josh Eagle’s passion for the law. As a USC law professor he is knee-deep in the rising tide of coastal law, a new field of knowledge that combines environmental sciences, land development and public policy. Through his research, Josh seeks to understand the relationship of economic development and nature preservation.

Kevin Ash

As a Gamecock, my search has No Limits

August 23, 2013, Glenn Hare

“Get in the car,” his father yelled. “We’re leaving now.” May 3, 1999, is a day Kevin Ash can’t forget. The teenager’s family escaped, but others weren’t so lucky. Thirty-six people died and the 300 mph winds, rain and flying debris snapped power lines and ripped open houses in three states. Now, at USC’s Hazards and Vulnerability Research Institute, the doctoral student is studying how people react to severe weather announcements. Description