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college of nursing

Q&A with Nursing Dean Andrews

January 11, 2016, April Blake

The University of South Carolina’s online graduate program in nursing started 15 years ago. The curriculum was one of the first online programs the university offered, targeting working nurses who wanted to join the ranks of nurse leaders, conduct research and teach. We sat down with College of Nursing Dean Jeannette Andrews to discuss the program's success and plans for the future.

USC police department keeps officer close to their hearts

March 17, 2015, April Blake

After losing Lt. Vinny Bocchino to heart disease, the USC police department has taken steps to ensure that they are all aware of their own health. The department has formed a team for the Midlands Heart Walk to honor Vinny and those who suffer from heart problems.

Her home kitchen serves as Michelle Gainey's office while she creates and writes recipes for her cookbook series.

Alumna goes gourmet, writes Southern cookbook

February 09, 2015, April Blake

She never imagined that she would enjoy cooking, much less getting so hands-on in the kitchen as to write a cookbook. As an alumnae of the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Michelle Margocee Gainey has put a lot of the skills she learned into action as she releases her first book.

Wendy Bryan

Creating connections for the disabled

December 01, 2014, April Blake

When faced with the loss of her vision, Wendy Bryan had to find a new path to continue doing the social work that she loved. After finding a lack of ways to connect with other people with disabilities, she decided to create a statewide network called Disability Connections. With the help of technology, friends and family Bryan is able to run the nonprofit organization herself.

Sue Heiney

Helping to heal children worldwide

November 03, 2014, April Blake

Children worldwide who are coping with parents who have cancer can find support in the programs that Sue Heiney has designed. These programs span the globe and have even been translated into Japanese.

Morgan Lundy

AmeriCorps experience opens new world for student

July 31, 2014, April Blake

After being selected as an AmeriCorps Summer Service Associate Morgan Lundy found her perspective on helping others has changed through the time she has spent volunteering. Her placement at the Richland Library exposed her to library science and working with fun and educational programming opportunities.

A Leap of Style designs

Leaping into a new career direction

June 20, 2014, April Blake

After a few years of following a career path, Karissa Lindsay reached back to her high school dreams of fashion design. She's leaping with both feet towards full-time ownership of her company and line, based in Houston, Texas.

Sean Norman

Don't let the superbugs bite

April 30, 2014, April Blake

Studying the effects of antibiotic resistant microbes is more than just research to Sean Norman. Hospitalized as a child from exposure at his family’s farm, he is dedicated to educating the public how to reduce superbugs from forming and spreading.


Gamecocks of a feather run together

March 18, 2014, April Blake

Gearing up to run any distance with no support can be a daunting experience. Campus Wellness has the answer with a program that incorporates a goal, social media support and plans for runners of any level. So there’s no reason not to go from zero to 5k.