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Physician Assistant Studies, M.S.P.A.S.

School of Medicine Columbia

Fill a vital and growing role on a health care team as a physician assistant, a licensed medical provider that conducts exams, diagnoses and treats illnesses, writes prescriptions and so much more.

Become a practicing physician assistant through both classroom and hands-on training. Enjoy learning in a highly supportive and personalized experience thanks to our small student-to-faculty ratio. Clinical rotations from a wide variety of specialties are available at sites conveniently close to the medical school.

Program Highlights

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    Ultrasound Focus

    Learn the latest ultrasound techniques - a vital diagnostic instrument - throughout your curriculum.

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    Hands-on Training

    Gain experience through authentic simulations, real world training in local clinics and cadaver-based anatomy instruction.

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    Broad Experiences

    Choose from a wide variety of specialties in your clinical rotations including two electives of your choice.

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    Accredited Program

    Our program meets ARC-PA Standards with an Accreditation-Continued status achieved.

What You’ll Study

Our seven semesters include a strong science foundation in physiology, human gross anatomy and genetics, along with the pathophysiology of diseases, ordering and interpreting diagnostic studies, and pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment options. It's a systems-based instructional approach to clinical medicine with a strong focus on primary care training.

Building Skills

Gain the professional and personal intelligence it takes to have a successful career.

  • Listening Skills

    Understanding what others are saying to facilitate effective communication

    Human Health

    Fostering well-being, preventing diseases and optimizing physical, mental and social aspects of individuals' well-being


    Exchanging information and ideas through speaking, writing or other means of expression

  • Empathy

    Understanding and sharing the feelings of others, and demonstrating compassion and support


    Working with others to achieve a common goal or objective

    Critical Thinking

    Analyzing and evaluating information to make informed decisions or judgments

Using your degree

Make your college experience the foundation for a successful future.

Potential Careers

  • Physician Assistant

Workplace Settings

  • Health Systems
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Private Practice
  • Health Facilities

The PA Program not only helps you become a competent medical provider, but molds you into a well-rounded human, which is essential for patient care and a collaborative approach to medicine.

Reg Taylor
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