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French: Languages, Literatures and Cultures, B.A.

College of Arts and Sciences

Acquire advanced French language skills and cultural knowledge as well as linguistic and cultural proficiency.

Join us in the study of French, one of the top ten spoken languages in the world and a language of choice for many international institutions. Explore some of humanity's great artistic creations. Take the DELF exam, the standard for certifying French fluency, at USC.

Program Highlights

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    Authentic Experiences

    Enjoy our linguistic and cultural exchange between students at USC and École Nationale des Ponts et Chauseés near Paris.

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    Get Certified

    Prepare for the Diplôme d'études en langue française exam, accredited by the French government.

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    Applied Learning

    Write or perform at one of the few institutions in the U.S. to offer French-language live theater productions.

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    Teach Language

    Add the foreign language education minor to your French concentration to gain language teaching skills.

What You’ll Study

Study the language, literatures and cultures of France and acquire advanced language skills and cultural knowledge as well as linguistic and cultural proficiency. Professors are highly accessible, and scholarships and support for study abroad are available. Students prepare and take the DELF exam at the end of their studies.

Building Skills

Gain the professional and personal intelligence it takes to have a successful career.

  • Attention to Detail

    Being meticulous and thorough in all aspects of a task or project

    Foreign Language Skills

    Communicating effectively to understand different cultures and foster global connections

    Critical Thinking

    Analyzing and evaluating information to make informed decisions or judgments

  • Historical Understanding

    Studying past events, analyzing their context and comprehending their significance and impact

    Intercultural Competence

    Developing the skills to communicate effectively and work collaboratively across cultures

    Multicultural Awareness

    Understanding cultural variation and adapting behaviors and communication styles accordingly

Using your degree

Make your college experience the foundation for a successful future.

Potential Careers

  • Teacher
  • Diplomat
  • Translator
  • Health Care Worker
  • Information Technology Specialist
  • Business Manager

Workplace Settings

  • Education
  • Medicine
  • Business
  • Government
  • Technology
  • Hospitality/Tourism

Choosing to study French is the most rewarding decision I made. My confidence in the language gradually grew, and I progressed from learning basic grammar to attending the program's study abroad opportunity in Tours, France. My time as a student awarded me with a newfound confidence.

Alexis Yeatts
Portrait of Alexis Yeatts

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