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IBUS 490T: The Business and Culture of Thailand


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Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Course Description:
This course will explore the dynamic relation of business in culture in Thailand with special focus on how culture, religion, history, government and international relations have impacted the economic development of Thailand over the past several decades and explore the impact of its future development. Students will gain insights into the current Thai economy by visiting and interacting with Thai business leaders, local universities, and cultural representatives. Students will be required to prepare and interact during these meetings.

This class will primarily explore two key urban environments of Thailand--Bangkok and Chiang Mai--in order to gain insight into the diversity that exists within Thailand and specifically to experience the cultural identities of these two regions. In Bangkok, students will experience the fluid business environment where Eastern and Western cultures merge into a setting that is uniquely Thai. In Chiang Mai, students will examine the role of tourism on the modern Thai economy and explore rural Thailand to gain first-hand knowledge of current Thai issues such as wealth disparity and ethnic minorities.

Term: Summer

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