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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics


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What do SpaceX, Boeing, Airbus, NASA, Lockheed Martin, Blue Origin, Rolls Royce, Gulfstream, United Launch Alliance and Virgin Galactic have in common? They're all corporate members of AIAA, world's largest professional aerospace organization, now what does that have to do with you? At USC we have our own AIAA club! Our student section provides you with direct access to networking opportunities with these companies and more, making our student section the perfect launch platform for your career in the world of aerospace. As AIAA members here at USC we pride ourselves on being able to provide rich and interesting experiences that will grow our members from college students into Aerospace Professionals and enthusiasts.

Registered Student Organization (RSO): student organizations that are independent legal entities from the University, have no delegated authority from the University, and do not perform functions on behalf of the university.

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